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Why join AFS Brokerage Division? 

American Freight Systems is a freight brokerage in Southern California specializing in open-deck transport. AFS is dedicated to giving its Broker-Agents the best tools in the business with the most freedom to conduct their own workload. AFS pays up to 95% commission on a weekly basis, (for commissions over 80%, please inquire our Franchise Opportunities page. click here

We factor all our loads, agents get paid every Friday. We are debt free. With a credit rating of A-16, all carriers get paid within 21 days. Giving our Broker-Agents enough freedom to manage their own book, AFS is leading the industry in Broker-Agent satisfaction. Partnering with OTR Capital, American Freight Systems can cater to any agent with any size book of business. 

Qualify to work with AFS!
How many years have you been brokering freight?
How many loads a week do you book?
Which Load Boards Do you use?

Thanks for applying!
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